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October dates

Posted by portsmouthwargames on October 3, 2016

The PAWS meeting for 8 October 2016 has been cancelled. Next meeting will be 15 October 2016.

The final Saturday of month, 29 October 2016, would normally be an informal DBA day. But the English DBA Open is on the following day, Sunday 30 October. So it has been proposed that we cancel the meeting on the 29th.

Therefore, if anyone does want a meeting on Saturday 29th, whether to practice DBA or play anything else, please let us know sooner rather than later.

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Closed for Colours

Posted by portsmouthwargames on August 28, 2016

There will not be a PAWS meeting on 10th September 2016 as we expect many members will want to go to the Colours show at Newbury that day.

The following Saturday, 17th September 2016, will be the PAWS Autumn DBA.

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August Informal DBA

Posted by portsmouthwargames on August 23, 2016

There will now be an Informal DBA Day at PAWS this Saturday, 27th August 2016.

Just come along with any DBA army you want to play with and there will be opponents available. Or just turn up and we should be able to provide a loaner army.

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Autumn PAWS Closures

Posted by portsmouthwargames on July 31, 2016

As the Stacey Centre is shutting down over August, there will be no PAWS meetings on 13th or 20th August.

The 27th August is also provisionally cancelled. But if there is enough interest to run the Informal DBA Day that would have been held on that Saturday, then we would be able to open up the Centre to hold it.

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PAWS Autumn DBA Theme

Posted by portsmouthwargames on June 18, 2016

The theme for the PAWS Autumn DBA (17 September 2016) has now been chosen.
The Rise of Islam – The Expansion of the Arab Empire in the 7th Century AD (601‑700 AD)
II/23 a Later Pre-Islamic Nomad Arab Army
II/23 b Later Pre-Islamic City Arab Army
II/23 c Later Pre-Islamic Yemeni Army
II/55 b Blemmye or Nobades Army
II/57 Later Moorish Army
II/69 c Sassanid Persian Army
III/8 Central-Asian City States Army
III/12 Christian Nubian Army
III/16 Khazar Army
III/17 Maurikian Byzantine Army
III/25 a&b Arab Conquest Army
III/25 c Khawarij Army
III/27 Rshtuni Armenian Army
III/29 Thematic Byzantine Army
III/31 Umayyad Arab Army
III/33 Early Muslim North African Army

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DBA this weekend and next

Posted by portsmouthwargames on May 28, 2016

As the last Saturday of May, today will be the Informal DBA Day. Just in time for some last minute practice for next week’s PAWS Summer DBA.

From Warring States to Empire – China and its Neighbours in the 3rd Century BC (300-201 BC)

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PAWS Summer DBA 2016 Theme

Posted by portsmouthwargames on February 28, 2016

After giving a few of these armies a try yesterday, we can confirm the theme for the PAWS Summer DBA on 4 June 2016 will be:

From Warring States to Empire – China and its Neighbours in the 3rd Century BC (300-201 BC)
I/43b Early Hu
I/49a Van-lang or Au Lac Vietnamese
I/49b Nan-Yueh Army
I/64a Yayoi Culture Japanese
II/4a Ch’in Chinese
II/4c Chao Chinese
II/4e Other Chinese
II/21a Ch’iang and Ti Chinese
II/29 Tien and K’un-ming Chinese
I/38a Hsiung-nu
II/41a Western Han

This is the era of the Terracotta Warriors, so getting figures for this theme should not be a problem, and many of the armies have a lot of options.

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Change of start time for the Spring DBA

Posted by portsmouthwargames on February 2, 2016

The PAWS Spring DBA on Saturday, 13th February 2016, will now start later that originally advertised. We will not have access to the room until 2 pm (instead of the previously advertised start time of 1pm).

This will also mean we will have to get things moving quickly and may have to have shorter games than recently to get all games in within time.

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DBA Dates and Other News from the AGM

Posted by portsmouthwargames on January 24, 2016

Yesterday’s AGM decided on  the dates for the 2016 DBA tournaments run by PAWS.

PAWS Spring DBA – 13 February 2016
PAWS Summer DBA – 4 June 2016
PAWS Autumn DBA – 17 September 2016
PAWS Winter DBA – 10 December 2016

English DBA Open – 30 October 2016

The English DBA Open is a full day tournament running on a Sunday. All of the others are on Saturdays starting at 1pm.

It was also decided that the duration of the regular Saturday meetings will be cut to 4 hours, from 1pm to 5 pm. When more time is required (e.g. for the DBA tournaments or longer than usual games) we will have to book this with the Community Centre in advance.

We will now need to let the Community Centre know in advance if we want to cancel the room any Saturday. Also, if we think only 2 or 3 people plan to turn up, we will let the centre know in advance that we can be moved to one of the other rooms, so that the centre can use the large room for more lucrative events. We get very favourable room hire rates from the Community Centre so being flexible in this way will hopefully allow these favourable rates to continue.

Finally, members of affiliated clubs must be members of the Stacey Community Centre, so all PAWS members will have to join the Community Centre for a small fee.

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2016 PAWS Spring DBA Date

Posted by portsmouthwargames on January 9, 2016

For DBA, Spring will be early this year. To avoid conflicts with other  DBA Tournament dates we have agreed to hold this year’s PAWS Spring DBA earlier than usual.

The 2016 PAWS Spring DBA will be held on Saturday 13th February at the Stacey Community Centre, starting from 1 pm.

The dates for the other 2016 PAWS DBAs will be confirmed at the AGM in a fortnight.

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