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Archive for February 3rd, 2020

PAWS Spring DBA 2020

Posted by portsmouthwargames on February 3, 2020

The 2020 PAWS Spring DBA will be held on April 18th at Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth.

The theme is Armies and Enemies of the Hittite Empire, 13th century BC (1300-1201 BC)
Allowed armies:
I/4 c Hurrian or Nairi Army
I/4 d Gasgan Army
I/6 b Midianite or Amalekite Army
I/18 Minoan or Early Mycenaean Army
I/19 Mitanni Army
I/20 a Ugarit Army
I/20 b Other Syro-Canaanite Army
I/21 a Kassite Babylonian Army
I/22 a New Kingdom Egyptian Army
I/24 a Early Hittite Empire Army
I/24 b Later Hittite Empire Army
I/25 a Middle Assyrian Army
I/26 a Achaian Army
I/26 b Trojan Army
I/28 Sea-Peoples Army
Allies must be chosen from the same selection of armies.

We will be using a new format for the PAWS Afternoon DBA tournaments in 2020. We will still divide players into 2 groups with a random draw, but there will only be 4 rounds within the groups. These games will be increased to 50 minutes playing time plus 10 minutes turn-around time. Scoring will be as before.

Everyone will then play the fifth “play-off” round (so everyone will get 5 games). These games will be played to a conclusion rather than being scored.

In this final round, first place from each group will play The Final to determine the tournament winner and runner-up. Second place in each group will play-off for tournament third and four positions, third place in each group will play-off for tournament fifth and sixth positions and so on.

We also plan to start an hour earlier, with booking in from 12:00 to 12:20 so that the draw can be held and everyone ready to start by 12:30.

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