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    The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society (PAWS) is a friendly little wargaming (and occasionally boardgaming) club meeting 2 or 3 times a month on Saturday afternoons in Portsmouth.

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Theme for PAWS Summer DBA 2018

Posted by portsmouthwargames on March 29, 2018

The 2018 PAWS Summer DBA is less than 2 months away, on Saturday 19 May. So you will all need to know the theme, which is…

He Died Old – The Near East in the Time of Mithridates
The Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea and Near East in the 1st Century BC (100-1BC)

The allowed armies are listed on the dedicated Summer 2018 Theme page


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Spring DBA Reminder and PAWS Meeting Dates for April

Posted by portsmouthwargames on March 18, 2018

The 2018 PAWS Spring DBA is next Saturday, March 24th, starting as 1:00 pm with a  theme of Beyond the Walls of Troy – The world in the 13th Century BC (1300-1201 BC).

The planned PAWS meeting dates for April will be:

14 April 2018
28 April 2018 (Informal DBA Day)

We won’t be open on 7 April because of the The Alton Doubles DBA but if enough people want a meeting on 21 April, and can guarantee attendance, this can be arranged.

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PAWS Meeting dates for February and March

Posted by portsmouthwargames on February 3, 2018

As we can no longer cancel bookings at the Community Centre with less than one month’s notice, we will now only book two definite meeting dates per month, usually an Informal DBA Day on teh last Saturday of the month and one other Saturday when Portsmouth FC are not playing at home (to minimise traffic disruption).  However, we will be able to add extra meetings (subject to the room’s availability) if enough people want to play on a certain date.

This policy will come into effect from next month (as it is now too late to cancel any February bookings). This means that PAWS will only be meeting on the following dates in February and March 2018.

February 10th
February 17th
February 24th (Informal DBA day)

March 3rd
March 24th (PAWS Spring DBA Tournament)

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News from the AGM

Posted by portsmouthwargames on January 23, 2018

At the AGM on Saturday 20 January 2018, we discussed what would be necessary now that our room hire rates at the community centre have been increased by 50%. We have also been informed that we must give at least one calendar month’s notice of cancelling a booking.

So with immediate effect, meeting fees will be increased to £6 a time. (This might have to be increased further later in the year if necessary.)  Entry fees for DBA tournaments will also be increased to £6.

We will also only book meetings for twice per month in most cases. But we can book more if enough people guarantee to attend (but if this has to be cancelled within the month, those cancelling may be liable for that booking’s room hire fee).

We also set the dates for the 2018 DBA tournaments. These are as follows:

Spring DBA – 24 March 2018

Summer DBA – 19 May 2018

Autumn DBA – 29 September 2018

English DBA Open – 28 October 2018

Winter DBA – 1 December 2018 (provisional)

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2018 AGM date

Posted by portsmouthwargames on January 3, 2018

The 2018 PAWS AGM will be held on Saturday 20th January 2018 at the Stacey Community Centre at 1pm.

We have been told that our room hire fees will increase by 50% per hour so we will be discussing how to meet this extra burden on our finances. Possible options include increasing meeting fees or reducing the numbers or duration of meetings, so please come along if have a view.

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SOA UK DBA League results and other news

Posted by portsmouthwargames on November 5, 2017

Congratulations to 20116/17 SOA UK DBA League champion Mark Skelton. The final scores (of all players scoring 20 points of more) are shown here.

Mark was confirmed as champion at last weekend’s English DBA Open. The tournament itself was won by Martin Myers, beating Phil Steele in the final.

On other matters, there will be no PAWS meeting on 18 November 2017, as several members will be going to the Warfare show in Reading.

Finally, the theme for the 2017 PAWS Winter DBA now has it’s own page. The theme is

How Holy is my Roman Empire?
Central Europe in the 12th Century AD (1101 – 1200 AD)

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English DBA Open 2017

Posted by portsmouthwargames on October 21, 2017

There will not be a PAWS meeting on Saturday 28 October because the English DBA Open will take place on the following day, Sunday 29 October.

As in previous years, The English DBA Open is sponsored by Magister Militum and the Society of Ancients and is the final tournament of the year’s SOA UK DBA League.

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August PAWS Meetings

Posted by portsmouthwargames on July 30, 2017

There will be two PAWS meetings on August 2017, on Saturdays 12th and 19th.

There will not be any PAWS meetings on the 5th or 26th. As the 26th would normally be the Informal DBA Day for August, it is proposed that this be rescheduled for the meeting on the 19th if anyone is interested.

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July closures and Autumn DBA Theme

Posted by portsmouthwargames on July 8, 2017

There will not be a PAWS meeting on 8th or 15th of July. Next PAWS meeting is planned for 22 July, followed by the Informal DBA day on 29th July.

Richard Pulley, who won the 2017 PAWS Summer DBA on 24 June, has elected to repeat the theme from the 2010 PAWS Autumn DBA for this year’s PAWS Autumn DBA. The theme is Al Andalus and the Magrib in the 10th Century (Armies & enemies of Islamic Spain and North-West Africa, 901-1000 AD).

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PAWS Summer DBA Next Saturday

Posted by portsmouthwargames on June 17, 2017

The PAWS Summer DBA is just one week away, on Saturday 24 June 2017 at 1pm in the usual venue.

The Theme is The Decline of the Sarmatian Tribes in the 3rd Century AD.


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