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Wargaming at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth

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    The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society (PAWS) is a friendly little wargaming (and occasionally boardgaming) club meeting 2 or 3 times a month on Saturday afternoons in Portsmouth.

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Autumn 2015

The PAWS Autumn DBA 2015 was held on Saturday September 26th 2015.

The theme chosen by Colin O’Shea was

Khazaria in the Seventh Century (601 to 700 AD)

Allowed armies are

II/28c     Early Armenian

II/58       Alan

II/69c     Sassanid Persian

III/1c      Southern Slav

III/11b   Central Asian Turkish

III/13b   Avar

III/14a & b   Early Bulgar

III/16     Khazar

III/17     Maurikian Byzantine

III/25b   Arab Conquest
III/25c   Khawarij

III/27     Rshtuni Armenian

III/29     Thematic Byzantine

III/30a   Magyar

III/31     Umayyad Arab

III/32     Volga Bulgar

DBA v3 Rules Clarifications for PAWS Autumn DBA.

• 24” x 24” boards will be provided. If one (or both) player(s) provide a non-24″ board, it may be used by mutual agreement. If players want to use different sized boards, then then should each roll a single dice after deciding who the invader is. Higher scorer has the choice. If both dice have the same score, then the invader chooses.

• Is NOT considered front contact, so no free slide to align.

FORTS – can be entered / exited
• Only by gate, unless assaulting.

• Not permitted

CAMPS, if placed on Waterways – may be placed
• Only within players permitted maximum forward deployment area i.e., not within 3BW of centre line.

• May be nominated as camp only if on own baseline or a waterway edge within permitted deployment zone (i.e., not within 3 BW of centerline), and must be maximum camp sized or smaller to be so used.
• No camp may be laid as an additional edifice after the initial terrain choosing and placing process. However, a camp model with edifice-like features may be placed, but it then functions purely as a camp (not a BUA).

CAMP occupants, if camp is in outer zones, – may be
• Any element (not allies or El/SCh), or camp followers.

CAMPS, if CAPTURED, are then –
• Left in place, and count as good going, unless edifice. The sacking element advances 1 base depth into the camp from the perimeter, and measures any future movement from that position.

SHOOTING (definition of ‘blocked by at least ½ BW of certain terrain’)
• Shooting is only allowed if uncrossed straight lines drawn from shooter’s front corners to target edge/ 1/2 BW section of edge do not at any stage pass through more than 20mm of blocking terrain.

• Invader is given the choice of the other two legally permitted edges, then restart from camp placement stage.

• Tactical movement in a river must be directly forwards or directly backwards, except that an element may divert by the minimum necessary to line up in close combat with an enemy element. Elements may recoil into or out of a river. A fleeing element which enters a river is destroyed.

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