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DBA3 Taster Tournament

PAWS held a Taster Tournament for DBA version 3 on Saturday 10 January 2015. Start time is 11 am.

The theme wasthe 3rd Century BC.

Obviously, the rules were DBA Version 3. Armies must be selected from the Version 3 Army Lists, but there will be some flexibility allowed in the depiction, as long as differences between “Solid” and “Fast” foot (and 3Kn and 4Kn) are obvious. All figures must be nominally 15 mm and conform to the “smaller scale” 40mm wide basing.

24″ Square boards will be provided. If you want to use the optional larger boards (up to 32″), you must bring these yourself. If opponents cannot agree on the board size to use, both roll a die with the higher roller choosing before either side rolls to determine who is the invader.

Any army from anywhere on the globe will be eligible as long as its date falls between 300BC and 201BC inclusive. All options used must fit within those dates, as must any allied elements used. Any inappropriate armies or elements will be penalised.

There will be 6 rounds. The same 12 elements must be used for the first 3 rounds. The elements used (but not the army, year or allies) may be changed before the fourth round and then these revised 12 elements must be used for the final 3 rounds. (Although you cannot change from one allied army to another after the 3rd game, you may drop or add an allied contingent for the final 3 rounds).

Sign in will be from 11:00 to 11:20. We will then have a random draw and the 1st game will start at about 11:30. Time will be called on the 1st game at 12:30, and for each subsequent game at half-past the hour. This will give about an hour per game or longer if both players are available to start early.

Scoring will be as follows:

Winner : 20 points plus 1 point per enemy element destroyed minus 1 point per own element lost
Loser : 1 point per enemy element destroyed
Winning draw : 6 points plus 1 point per enemy element destroyed
Other draw : 3 points plus 1 point per enemy element destroyed
All : plus 2 points for each of the following – enemy general destroyed, enemy camp sacked, enemy City captured and controlled

Destroyed double elements, Hordes and Scythed Chariots count (or do not count) towards winning the game as per the rules but all count as 1 element lost for scoring points. Camp followers and city denizens do not count, even if destroyed while sallying.

To encourage people to try out the new Hordes and double element rules, there will be points score bonuses to the player (or players) using most hordes and the player (or players) using most double elements. These bonus points will be equal to the maximum number of such elements used.

Any last minute changes will appear on Fanaticus thread http://fanaticus.org/discussion/showthread.php?t=16601

3 Responses to “DBA3 Taster Tournament”

  1. Antigonas One Eye said


    After wading through 7 pages of irrelevant “Fanaticus” stuff I have not found any additional Tournament rules.

    Please advise what they are.

    Antigonas One Eye

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