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Wargaming at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth

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    The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society (PAWS) is a friendly little wargaming (and occasionally boardgaming) club meeting 2 or 3 times a month on Saturday afternoons in Portsmouth.

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Spring 2015

The PAWS Spring DBA was held on Saturday 7 March 2015 at 1.00 pm at the Stacey Community Centre, Portsmouth UK.

The theme was be

Successor Kingdoms of the 16th Century BC Bronze Age Middle East – 1600-1501 BC

The list of allowed armies is as follows

I/2b Early Egyptian
I/4c Hurrian, Kassite or Nairi
I/5c Early Susiana or Elamite
I/6a Early Bedouin
I/6c Early Aramaean
I/7a Early Libyan
I/12 Sumerian Successor
I/15 Later Amorites
I/16 Hittite Old and Middle Kingdom
I/17a&b Hyksos
I/19 Mitanni
I/20b Syro-Cannanite
I/21a Kassite Babylonian
I/22a New Kingdom Egyptian

Version 3 of the rules was used. However,  we allowed people to use their existing version 2.2 armies for this one tournament only, if they were unable to paint, modify or morph a suitable version 3 compliant army in time (but they must still use version 3 terrain, aggression and troop types, and wouldn’t be able to use allies). Note that the version 2.2 sub-lists for I/6 are based only on dates, not on tribes as the version 3 sub-lists, so the version 2.2 I/6c sub-list cannot be used.

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