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Wargaming at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth

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    The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society (PAWS) is a friendly little wargaming (and occasionally boardgaming) club meeting 2 or 3 times a month on Saturday afternoons in Portsmouth.

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Spring 2018

The theme for the Spring 2018 PAWS DBA waschosen by Mark Skelton.

Beyond the Walls of Troy

The world in the 13th Century BC (1300-1201 BC)

Allowed armies:

I/4a        Zagros & Anatolian Highland Army           (no allies)

I/4c        Hurrian Army                                                     (no allies)

I/4d        Gasgan Army                                                     (no allies)

I/5d        Early Susiana or Elamite Army                    (no allies)

I/6a        Early Bedouin Army                                        (no valid allies)

I/6b        Midianite or Amalekite Army                      (no allies)

I/6c        Early Aramaean Army                                    (no allies)

I/7a        Early Libyan Army 3000-1251 BC               (no allies)

I/7b        Early Libyan Army 1250-666 BC                  Allies: I/28

I/8b        Makkan Army                                                    (no allies)

I/8c        Dilmun, Saba, Ma’in or Qataban Army    Allies: I/6b or 21a

I/13a,b  Shang Chinese Army                                       Allies: I/14d or I/14g

I/14b     Early European Bronze Age Army              (no allies)

I/14d     Chinese Border-tribes Army                        (no valid allies)

I/14g      I Army                                                                   (no allies)

I/18        Minoan or Early Mycenaean Army            (no allies)

I/19        Mitanni Army                                                    Allies: I/6a and/or (I/20b or I/24a)

I/20a      Ugarit Army                                                        (no allies)

I/20b     Other Syro-Canaanite Armies                     Allies: I/19 or I/22a

I/21a      Kassite Babylonian Army                               Allies: I/6c

I/22a      New-Kingdom Egyptian Army                     (no allies)

I/23a      Early Vedic Indian Army                                (no allies)

I/24a      Early Hittite Imperial Army                           Allies: I/19

I/24b     Later Hittite Imperial Army                          (no allies)

I/25a      Middle Assyrian Army                                    (no allies)

I/26        Achaian Army                                                    (no allies)

I/26b     Trojan Army                                                       Allies: I/24b

I/27        Early Hebrew Army                                         (no allies)

I/28        Sea Peoples Army                                            (no allies)

Note that the allies listed for I/8C & I/13 differ from those in the book as there are errors in the book.


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