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Wargaming at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth

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Winter 2016

The final PAWS DBA of 2016 was held on 10th December 2016.

The theme, chosen by Martin Myers, was

Viking Twilight – Northern Europe and the North Atlantic in the 11th Century AD (1001-1100 AD)

II/81d          Sub-Roman British Strathclyde
III/1ab         Early Slav
III/18           Breton
III/19ab      Welsh
III/24b         Middle Anglo-Saxon
III/30b         Magyar
III/40bcd    Norse Viking & Leidang
III/45           Pre-Feudal Scots
III/46           Norse Irish
III/48           Rus
III/52           West Frankish and Norman
III/53           East Frankish
III/63a         Early Polish
III/68a         Early Hungarian
III/72           Anglo-Danish
III/78           Scots Isles & Highlands
III/79           Early Russian
IV/3             Anglo- Norman
IV/4a           Feudal French
IV/9             Eastern Forest American

4 Responses to “Winter 2016”

  1. Denis said

    Eastern Forest American?

  2. Peter phipps said

    Hi – Peter Phipps here. I popped down for the DBA English open recently, and you kindly loaned me some Vikings….I have been developing some 15mm book I / II armies, but not the above period…I am hoping to come down for this event…would you be able to loan the Vikings again if I cannot get a suitable army together by then? Thanks peter.

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