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Wargaming at the Stacey Community Centre at Copnor in Portsmouth

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    The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society (PAWS) is a friendly little wargaming (and occasionally boardgaming) club meeting on Saturday afternoons in Copnor, Portsmouth.

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Autumn 2017 Theme

Richard Pulley, winner of the Summer DBA, has chosen the theme for the third DBA Event of 2017, which will be held on 30th September.

The Theme is Al Andalus and the Magrib in the 10th Century (Armies & enemies of Islamic Spain and North-West Africa, 901-1000 AD). This is a repeat of 2010’s Autumn DBA theme, but will use the current Version 3 rules and army lists.

The list of armies is as follows:

III/21b Italian Lombard
III/29 Thematic Byzantine
III/33 Early Muslim North Africa & Sicily
III/34b Andalusian
III/35a,b Feudal Spanish
III/40b Norse Viking
III/49 Tulunid or Iqshidid Egyptian
III/52 West Frankish (not Norman, so Ag:2 only)
III/53 East Frankish
III/66 Fatamid Egyptian
III/70 Tuareg


3 Responses to “Autumn 2017 Theme”

  1. Martin Smith said

    Excellent theme.Any allies specifically ‘disallowed’, or is it any ally within the timeframe (as against geographical zone)?

    • Good point. I think if we recommend that allies should be from the Mediterranean (i.e., no Scots, Irish or English with the Vikings and no Poles with the Franks), that would do. But I’m not sure if we should absolutely prohibit them, just frown upon the practice.

      • On second thoughts. I think it will be easier if we specify that allied contingents must be from the same list of allowed armies. This keeps out the anachronisms without excessively limiting the probables.

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